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It’s no secret that social media is a great place to discover all things makeup and beauty. Maybe I’m preaching to the converted, but it provides an easy way to keep on top of beauty trends, discover talented makeup artists and follow your favourite beauty brands. I’m always finding inspirational makeup artists on social media, some of whom have become firm favourites and pages I’ll visit regularly. If you’re looking for makeup inspiration and new people to follow, check out my current favourite makeup accounts:


Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is a well-established makeup artist who has worked with a vast range of celebrity clientele and leading fashion magazines. Since 1998, Eldridge has worked as Creative Director for Shiseido, Boots No 7, and her current post at Lancome. She is also a published author. Her book Face Paint: The Story of Makeup provides a detailed history of makeup, materials and manufacturing processes, icons that have influenced makeup trends and the future of cosmetics. As a veteran of the industry, Lisa has a breadth of tips and knowledge to share with her viewers and readers.

Accounts: YouTubeInstagram

Follow for: wide variety of day and evening makeup, makeup application tips, celebrity appearances, behind the scenes, Western and Eastern beauty trends


Hayley Kassel

Hayley Kassel is an LA-based makeup artist with one of the best Instagram feeds I’ve come across. Focusing on Beauty, Editorial and Commercial makeup, her pictures provide inspiration for day and evening makeup that’s wearable but still interesting.

Accounts: Instagram, YouTube

Follow for: dewy skin, natural makeup, quality photography, interesting use of colour



I recently discovered this NY-based French makeup artist while scrolling through YouTube and the style of her makeup and videos stuck in my mind. To avoid her videos becoming too static and predictable, Violette shoots each makeup tutorial in different locations around NY, including her favourite bars, coffee shops, museums and even in the back of a taxi before going out. I enjoy Violette’s laid-back and realistic approach to makeup. Among all the contour enthusiasts and ‘Instagram brows’, it’s refreshing to see someone who doesn’t try to be perfect, but still looks put-together and stylish.

Accounts: YouTube, Instagram

Follow for: laid back looks, chic French style, beautiful lips and eyeshadow, interesting places



Although their YouTube channel currently has only a handful of uploads, this makeup brand delivers content of a consistently high quality. Their videos provide inspiration for new makeup looks, showcase their products and how they can be used, plus they’re just really nice to look at. This brand has taken a quality over quantity approach and there’s clearly a lot of planning and consideration that go into their videos.

Accounts: YouTube, Instagram

Follow for: new products, inspiration, creative looks, aesthetically pleasing videos


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