Soft Bridal Makeup

For Cat, I decided on a soft bridal makeup that would be appropriate for a Spring or Summer wedding. I think that bridal makeup requires a fine balance between providing a long-wearing makeup with enough coverage while still looking light and ethereal. This can still be achieved even if the bride opts for a high coverage foundation as long as the time is taken to blend small amounts into the skin, gradually building up the product as desired. An important point to note with bridal makeup: don’t use foundation with SPF if you want to avoid flashback in photos. Makeup with SPF often contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which will reflect the light from camera flash.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding where cameras with flash won’t be used, then you can get away with using products with these ingredients. I discovered later that the foundation I used on Cat actually contains titanium dioxide (oops) but the pictures came out fine because they were taken in daylight.

This soft bridal makeup was inspired by Zoeva’s Moonlit Glow tutorial. I used the strobe gel featured in the video in the shade Corona, which provides a warm glow to the skin when applied to the top of the cheekbones, down the centre and tip of the nose and on the cupid’s bow. I chose a peach liquid lipstick, which provides enough colour on the lips without looking too bold and unnatural.

cat soft bridal makeup

cat blog


Products used:  

Eyes: MAC off-white eye shadow, Lime Crime Venus Palette ‘Divine’, Zoeva KIKO Smart Colour Eye Pencil 02 & 03, Natural Collection Mascara | Brows: NYX eye shadow in S.O.S, Art Deco Brow Pencil 3, Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix Gel | Skin: Derma Color Colour Corrector D Red B, RCMA Series Favourites Palette KA-1, L’oreal True Match Powder Ivory Rose, Derma Color Camouflage D4 & D0, Zoeva Strobe Gel in Corona | Lips: BH Cosmetics Luxe Lacquer in Coconut


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