Pink Statement Lips

A bold statement lipstick is ideal for those days when you’re feeling too lazy or busy for anything that requires a collection of palettes and extensive research on YouTube, but you still want to look like you’ve made an effort. An intensely coloured lip can instantly elevate an otherwise simple makeup. If you’re pushed for time, it’s a quicker (and less stressful) alternative to painstakingly creating a perfectly blended eyeshadow under pressure – which just leads to more mistakes and more stress. You can pair a statement lip with just mascara, or a simple winged eyeliner and neutral eyeshadow if you have time.

Reds, plums, burgundy and oxblood are all good choices for a statement lip, but in Spring/Summer, these shades can be too much, especially for daytime wear. This is where fuchsias and bright pinks are your friends. Although bright pink lipstick can seem intimidating, it can really make your skin tone and features pop if you find the right shade. For example, if you have fair skin like me, a fuchsia lipstick with blue undertones works well. I used NYX Full Throttle Lipstick in Lethal Kiss:




If you want to tone down a brightly coloured lipstick, then apply a small amount of lipstick at first to the centre of your lips and pat the lipstick outwards, towards the edges of your lips, using your finger. Keep applying more lipstick as needed and press it into your lips. The warmth of your finger will smudge the lipstick into your lips and create a stain.

If you’re unsure about which shade of pink to go for, use these general guidelines when searching for a bright pink lipstick for your skin tone:

Fair/light: Fuchsias and pinks with blue undertones

Medium/Olive: Warm toned pinks, coral undertones

Deep: Pinks with purple undertones, sometimes blue undertones can work well too

pink lipsticks with numbers

  1. MAC Snow Orchid – Fair/Light & Deep
  2. MAC Pink Pigeon – Medium/Olive
  3. MAC Flat Out Fabulous – Deep
  4. MAC Candy Yum Yum – Fair/Light & Deep
  5. Urban Decay Anarchy – Medium/Olive
  6. Urban Decay Checkmate – Medium/Olive
  7. Urban Decay Frenemy – Fair/Light
  8. KIKO Velvet Passion 305 – Medium/Olive

These are just some ideas and guidelines you can follow, but they don’t have to limit the shades of pink that you can wear. Test different shades – some that follow these rules and some that don’t – and see what works best on you.


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